7th Grade Reflection

When I first arrived in August, I was expecting much more work. More writing. More reading. More Vocab. But then It was clear to me that was right about more writing and vocab, but less reading surprised me. I had also realized we did reading class books and annotating very similar to the way we did last year. By October, I was getting the hang of things we had done our first writing piece- which wasn’t my best- and I had started to get into the flow of annotating books again. Eventually, I had realized that 7th grade English Isn’t so bad, and I was pretty good at my Vocab packets, but kinda shy when it comes to book class discussions. I also learned don’t wait till the last week to finish your reading log.
In 7th grade I learned:
~ Plan out your writing very clear and organized
~ If you take strong annotations in your book, it will save you work in the long run
~ Remember all the writing elements you learned early on, and use them in your writing

As the year comes to a close, I am trying hard to bring back all the old lessons and tricks from when I learned them back in August, and I am preparing myself to bring them with me to 8th grade. If I were to do my 7th grade over again I would make sure to spread all my reading out and not try to cram it in the last two weeks. My advice for next years 7th graders is to really keep up with their blog, make sure to keep it organized and stay up to date with the weekly post, it will make life much easier if they get their weekly post done early.


Honey-and I’m not talking about the sticky substance- the little yellow lab who makes me smile everyday. Only 15 weeks old, and weighs 20 pounds can alrighty beat my one and a half year old dog in a wrestle fight, already has shredded her favorite blanket, and already can jump on the couch with no problem. Yet such a little angel. Her floppy little ears bounce up and down and up and down as she runs through the green grass on my front yard, and her skinny little tummy has that one spot where she loves to be scratched. So innocent, yet- when she’s tired- so feisty.

Last week she was lacking her tippy self, just lagging in happiness, and lacking in her excitement. Sleeping almost all day, and when I came back home to her, waking her tail so unenthusiastically. To make things better she started to cough as if she had something stuck in her throat. Out of the luck I have, my other dog Oakley started to cough as well. So my mom gave in and brought them to the vet for the unusual behavior. Turns out they had tracheal bronchitis. Great. They went on meds for a week, and they hated it more than they hated being alone.

Finally off the meds, they went back to their playful, normal selfs.

My family and I just can’t enough of her- and neither can Oakley- we just pass her around loving on her, and she seems to like it. I’m so glad she is still so small, but I’m also excited to see how great of a dog she will be when she is older.


My Favorite Stuffed Animal

When I was little, I just couldn’t do without my gray, ragged, stuffed dog- his name was doggie- and man he went everywhere with me. Doggie was my best friend, the most loving, caring, adorable little stuffed dog in California… and he belonged to me. He had blue eyes- which constantly popped out of his head- floppy ears, and a nubby little tail. He was like a real dog to me, I tied him on my real dogs leash and would drag him around my house exposing my feelings, and he would listen to me; or so I thought. When had him with me, I felt safe in my bed while I slept, and safe as I walked through the busy city, and safe while I watched a scary movie. I felt relieved I had a good companion to protect me. I loved carrying him with me everywhere, he had my back- and I had his, just in case we ran into a cat or something. Without him by my side, I missed him, just as much as a new preschooler misses her mom the first day of school. At the same time, I was wondering what trouble he was up to, and what adventures he was on. I still have him today, but he watches over my closet, making sure no one comes in, without his permission.


The Greatest Place on Earth

The sun burns your skin until it’s raw to the bottom. The dead grass crunches beneath your feet as you skip around with your friends. The cool water splashes uncontrollably behind your boat as you glide along lake Austin. The ACL bands, and artists blare their music until it rings in your ears. Exciting, different, and funky, Austin is the place to be. Here in Austin, we keep it weird.

To start off, Austin has so many adventures for you to go on around the city. Year round Lake Austin, Lady Bird lake , and Lake Travis offer paddle boarding, boating, canoeing and kayaking, rowing, and wake boarding. In the month of October, Austin holds an annual music festival called ACL. This is where famous bands and singers perform live with a crowd of thousands. Those ACL bands really know how to rock Austin’s socks off. Austin can be so overwhelming with all of its activities.

On the other hand, the weather is beautiful all year long with blazing summers and mild winters. This past winter we had quite a change in the weather, we had a few days below freezing. Also the previous few summers, the temperatures have not dropped below 90 degrees, and all everyone wants to do is have some fun in the cool lake Austin water. During summer, my friends and I all love to hang out on my boat and just lay back to enjoy the summer feeling. Just as the city itself, the summers and winters are full of exciting surprises which can be shocking.

Out of all the cities in the world I get to live in the Austin experience, and it’s a rush getting to take it all in. With the perfect mixture of races, religions, and personalities, Austin is the greatest place on earth.

Emotions & Thoughts

One big thing I would like to see change in the world, is to see cancer come to an end. My grandmother died a fees years back from having cancer, she had been fighting it for two years, and she was a very strong lady. The cancer started in her kidney, and eventually it spread throughout her body, mostly to her liver. Around the age of 9 or 10 she passed away, and it was very hard for me because I had grown so close to her as I grew up. She taught me Spanish, and played dolls with me, and made me feel better when I scraped my knee. Some of the many things I remember about my abuela are she was very kind to everyone, she loved to laugh, she enjoyed sewing in her free time, and she loved me and my brothers with everything she had.

Expository; How Texting is Dangerous

Remember that one time an unknown number texted you and you responded back to them? Well you never know what that person knows about you to this day. This is why texting can be a threat to your life.

Without a doubt you could be texting a stranger, and accidentally give them personal information. You could think you could be texting your mom, and telling her about the events in your day, but you eventually find out it wasn’t your mom. You would probably get a weird feeling throughout your body knowing a stranger has personal information on you. Therefore, by giving personal information through text by accident can grow into a crisis.

Furthermore, people can also use texts against you. You could be tick, tick, ticking away about a fight in school with your friend, and accidentally say something you really didn’t mean. Your friend is going to be able to hold those mean words against you until the end of time. Man it does not feel the best when someone quotes what you said in the past that was mean. So don’t send personal information via text ,message because it will come back to bite you in the butt.

In the end, you should never do something you might regret later on, especially on text. Just remember texting can affect your life with anybody, so next time you almost send a mean text, send it on your fake Barbie phone instead.

Written By: Madison Brown, Sophie Nassour, and Melynn Barber

Concrete Writing

I couldn’t see where I was going, or who he was. All I knew, was to keep running. I had rocks in my feet, and my pants were ripping at the seams. I heard his steps draw nearer, at a rapid pace, but he wasn’t close enough to grab me- at least not yet. The last thing I Remeber was walking home down an unfamiliar alley, there I saw a man in all black, except for white shoes. I knew something wasn’t right, so I backed away slowly, which grew into a run.

I felt something slash my right cheek, it was cold and small. Knife? I whispered to myself without looking back. He then started to yell something, it was faint but it sounded like he was yelling “you can run, but not for long” repeatedly like a broken record. I cringed a little more each time he yelled it. Then snap, my legs gave out and I stumbled to the ground. Face sweaty. Hands filthy. He approached me with heavy breathes, big, bad, bulky are 3 words to fit him just right. He had a little smirk on his face. Which gave me a nauseated feeling in my stomach.,I couldn’t get up. Not a chance.

My New Dog

March. That’s the month I get my new baby girl. She gonna be a labrador, I yellow lab to be exact. Her name fits her perfect, Augusta. She gonna be adorable- more like you want to eat her up adorable. I already have a dog that is one year old, so they can be the best of friends. She was born in South Carolina so she has to travel on a plane to get here. Then we will go pick her up wherever she drives to. My favorito thing to do with my dog I have right now is to play with him outside. When I get Agusta I can walk them both up and down my street, also I can cuddle with her while she is small because she will always be tired. It’s gonna rock. She was born about 2 weeks ago, so she’s super tiny, and can’t do much on her own. I will anxiously wait until I can finally get her.

Club Volleyball

Volleyball is my favorite sport by far. I have been playing since second grade, and I have always enjoyed it. 2 years ago I joined a club volleyball team called Austin Juniors. We are the best club in Austin in my opinion. This is my third year playing for them, and my season just started a few weeks ago. I have practice for 3 hours on Tuesdays, and 3.5 hours on Sundays. I also have 1-3 day tournaments mostly every weekend. My first tournament is on the 4th of January, and I am really excited. I am one of three setters on the team, so I play a big role on my team.’my coaches push me to do my best, but one of them can be very strict sometimes. Exocet in the long run, he will help me succeed my goal of playing on 18 mizuno one day.