Expository; How Texting is Dangerous

Remember that one time an unknown number texted you and you responded back to them? Well you never know what that person knows about you to this day. This is why texting can be a threat to your life.

Without a doubt you could be texting a stranger, and accidentally give them personal information. You could think you could be texting your mom, and telling her about the events in your day, but you eventually find out it wasn’t your mom. You would probably get a weird feeling throughout your body knowing a stranger has personal information on you. Therefore, by giving personal information through text by accident can grow into a crisis.

Furthermore, people can also use texts against you. You could be tick, tick, ticking away about a fight in school with your friend, and accidentally say something you really didn’t mean. Your friend is going to be able to hold those mean words against you until the end of time. Man it does not feel the best when someone quotes what you said in the past that was mean. So don’t send personal information via text ,message because it will come back to bite you in the butt.

In the end, you should never do something you might regret later on, especially on text. Just remember texting can affect your life with anybody, so next time you almost send a mean text, send it on your fake Barbie phone instead.

Written By: Madison Brown, Sophie Nassour, and Melynn Barber

2 thoughts on “Expository; How Texting is Dangerous

  1. Great job on listing the reasons about how texting is dangerous!! I love how you used the barbie phone as an example at the end! I also feel that texting can cause harm to a friendship.

  2. This is such a great post I can relate to when it need an answer from someone and they don’t reply it’s very agervating. I also agree with how people can screenshot texts any time so that’s why you have to be careful what you type.

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