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One big thing I would like to see change in the world, is to see cancer come to an end. My grandmother died a fees years back from having cancer, she had been fighting it for two years, and she was a very strong lady. The cancer started in her kidney, and eventually it spread throughout her body, mostly to her liver. Around the age of 9 or 10 she passed away, and it was very hard for me because I had grown so close to her as I grew up. She taught me Spanish, and played dolls with me, and made me feel better when I scraped my knee. Some of the many things I remember about my abuela are she was very kind to everyone, she loved to laugh, she enjoyed sewing in her free time, and she loved me and my brothers with everything she had.

3 thoughts on “Emotions & Thoughts

  1. Hey Madison! I can relate to this so much because my grandfather padded away when i was five from lung cancer! I loved the way you wrote this, it felt like a movie inside my head from the way you described you memories with her! Your such a pretty writer, I hope I can write like someday!

  2. I am so sorry about what happened to your grandmother. My grandmother also passed away from cancer when I was very little.
    I loved the way you showed the connection between you and your grandmother, and what she did with you. Great job!

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