Honey-and I’m not talking about the sticky substance- the little yellow lab who makes me smile everyday. Only 15 weeks old, and weighs 20 pounds can alrighty beat my one and a half year old dog in a wrestle fight, already has shredded her favorite blanket, and already can jump on the couch with no problem. Yet such a little angel. Her floppy little ears bounce up and down and up and down as she runs through the green grass on my front yard, and her skinny little tummy has that one spot where she loves to be scratched. So innocent, yet- when she’s tired- so feisty.

Last week she was lacking her tippy self, just lagging in happiness, and lacking in her excitement. Sleeping almost all day, and when I came back home to her, waking her tail so unenthusiastically. To make things better she started to cough as if she had something stuck in her throat. Out of the luck I have, my other dog Oakley started to cough as well. So my mom gave in and brought them to the vet for the unusual behavior. Turns out they had tracheal bronchitis. Great. They went on meds for a week, and they hated it more than they hated being alone.

Finally off the meds, they went back to their playful, normal selfs.

My family and I just can’t enough of her- and neither can Oakley- we just pass her around loving on her, and she seems to like it. I’m so glad she is still so small, but I’m also excited to see how great of a dog she will be when she is older.


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