About Me Page:)

20 Facts About Me!

1. I love playing volleyball
2. I play school and club volleyball
3. I love my dog very much
4. My favorite food is pasta
5. I used to live in California
6. I am crazy about being organized
7. My lucky number is 13
8. I think leggings are very comfortable
9. My favorite season is winter
10. I have a 10 year old brother and a 15 year old brother
11. I love being a blonde
12. I love country music
13.i don’t drink any soda at all
14. I love hanging with my friends
15. I enjoy going to Westlake football games
16. My full name is Madison Lee Brown
17. I wear a lot of polos
18. I have braces
19. I am in varsity choir and I love to sing
20. I LOVE to straighten my hair😍

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