Club Volleyball

Volleyball is my favorite sport by far. I have been playing since second grade, and I have always enjoyed it. 2 years ago I joined a club volleyball team called Austin Juniors. We are the best club in Austin in my opinion. This is my third year playing for them, and my season just started a few weeks ago. I have practice for 3 hours on Tuesdays, and 3.5 hours on Sundays. I also have 1-3 day tournaments mostly every weekend. My first tournament is on the 4th of January, and I am really excited. I am one of three setters on the team, so I play a big role on my team.’my coaches push me to do my best, but one of them can be very strict sometimes. Exocet in the long run, he will help me succeed my goal of playing on 18 mizuno one day.

A-Team Success

Last Friday all the girls that tried out for volleyball found out if they made A or B team. I am excited to say that I was put on the A team. We had practice all last week and will have practice all this week. On the A team I was put as the top setter, which means I get the second ball, and set it out to the hitter. I am looking forward to a very excited season with my team. I have many friends on my team, so that is going to make the season even better.