The Greatest Place on Earth

The sun burns your skin until it’s raw to the bottom. The dead grass crunches beneath your feet as you skip around with your friends. The cool water splashes uncontrollably behind your boat as you glide along lake Austin. The ACL bands, and artists blare their music until it rings in your ears. Exciting, different, and funky, Austin is the place to be. Here in Austin, we keep it weird.

To start off, Austin has so many adventures for you to go on around the city. Year round Lake Austin, Lady Bird lake , and Lake Travis offer paddle boarding, boating, canoeing and kayaking, rowing, and wake boarding. In the month of October, Austin holds an annual music festival called ACL. This is where famous bands and singers perform live with a crowd of thousands. Those ACL bands really know how to rock Austin’s socks off. Austin can be so overwhelming with all of its activities.

On the other hand, the weather is beautiful all year long with blazing summers and mild winters. This past winter we had quite a change in the weather, we had a few days below freezing. Also the previous few summers, the temperatures have not dropped below 90 degrees, and all everyone wants to do is have some fun in the cool lake Austin water. During summer, my friends and I all love to hang out on my boat and just lay back to enjoy the summer feeling. Just as the city itself, the summers and winters are full of exciting surprises which can be shocking.

Out of all the cities in the world I get to live in the Austin experience, and it’s a rush getting to take it all in. With the perfect mixture of races, religions, and personalities, Austin is the greatest place on earth.

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  1. I love what you write about! and i love your theme you sure write a lot…. i live in Oregon i’am a girl who’s 13 and lives in Oregon.
    I know this might sound weird but if you want to relate each others towns and states and talk just comment balk on this coment!

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