My New Dog

March. That’s the month I get my new baby girl. She gonna be a labrador, I yellow lab to be exact. Her name fits her perfect, Augusta. She gonna be adorable- more like you want to eat her up adorable. I already have a dog that is one year old, so they can be the best of friends. She was born in South Carolina so she has to travel on a plane to get here. Then we will go pick her up wherever she drives to. My favorito thing to do with my dog I have right now is to play with him outside. When I get Agusta I can walk them both up and down my street, also I can cuddle with her while she is small because she will always be tired. It’s gonna rock. She was born about 2 weeks ago, so she’s super tiny, and can’t do much on her own. I will anxiously wait until I can finally get her.

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