My Favorite Stuffed Animal

When I was little, I just couldn’t do without my gray, ragged, stuffed dog- his name was doggie- and man he went everywhere with me. Doggie was my best friend, the most loving, caring, adorable little stuffed dog in California… and he belonged to me. He had blue eyes- which constantly popped out of his head- floppy ears, and a nubby little tail. He was like a real dog to me, I tied him on my real dogs leash and would drag him around my house exposing my feelings, and he would listen to me; or so I thought. When had him with me, I felt safe in my bed while I slept, and safe as I walked through the busy city, and safe while I watched a scary movie. I felt relieved I had a good companion to protect me. I loved carrying him with me everywhere, he had my back- and I had his, just in case we ran into a cat or something. Without him by my side, I missed him, just as much as a new preschooler misses her mom the first day of school. At the same time, I was wondering what trouble he was up to, and what adventures he was on. I still have him today, but he watches over my closet, making sure no one comes in, without his permission.


My New Dog

March. That’s the month I get my new baby girl. She gonna be a labrador, I yellow lab to be exact. Her name fits her perfect, Augusta. She gonna be adorable- more like you want to eat her up adorable. I already have a dog that is one year old, so they can be the best of friends. She was born in South Carolina so she has to travel on a plane to get here. Then we will go pick her up wherever she drives to. My favorito thing to do with my dog I have right now is to play with him outside. When I get Agusta I can walk them both up and down my street, also I can cuddle with her while she is small because she will always be tired. It’s gonna rock. She was born about 2 weeks ago, so she’s super tiny, and can’t do much on her own. I will anxiously wait until I can finally get her.